The Supporting Hyperplane Optimization Toolkit is a deterministic solver for mathematical optimization problems of the MINLP (mixed-integer nonlinear programming) type.

A short description of how SHOT works is available here. For more information, please read the papers listed on the Publications page.

COIN-OR project

SHOT is a COIN-OR project, and the code is hosted at COIN-OR's Github page

SHOT won the COIN-OR Cup in 2018. The prize recognizes and celebrates the best contributions to open source operations research software development and use associated with the COIN-OR software collection.

Developers and contributors

SHOT has mainly been developed by Andreas Lundell (Åbo Akademi University, Finland) and Jan Kronqvist (Imperial College London, UK). The GAMS integration has been made by Stefan Vigerske (GAMS Software GmbH). A full list of contributors and utilized third-party code and libraries are available here.

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